SIH+ members using FitBit technology


Must be a member registered to use SIH+ mobile app

If you are not a member yet, you can register immediately by:

  1. Visiting our website at and fill-in the registration form and choosing the “Smart Phone” option
  2. Download the SIH+ App from the AppStore or Google Play Store and register from with the SIH+ App

Existing members using step counting pedometer, contact our help center at 4413 6900 and we will assist you in becoming a mobile app user

SIH+ Mobile App users: no need to do anything. You are ready to go

Must be FitBit User

FitBit offers an array of products designed to help capture and monitor users activities.

To use FitBit on SIH+, users need to use a FitBit step counting product and they need to be registered with FitBit cloud services (must be able to login to the FitBit website with their personal usernames and passwords)

Activate FitBit on SIH+ Mobile App

To start using FitBit counters follow the steps:

  1. On SIH App, click on Top-Left-Menu Settings
  2. Click on "FitBit" button
  3. The app will bring the FitBit login webpage, please enter your FitBit username and password.
  4. A message will appear requesting your permission to allow SIH+ App to use FitBit cloud services: "Do you want to open it on SIH+" click OK.
  5. If you face any problem, please contact our helpdesk on 44136900

About Step Into Health

This program comes within Aspire Zone Foundation support to the Qatar National Vision 2030 that encourages the society to become a more active and a healthier nation

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