Issue 7, October 2016
SIH Features List
Improved Step Counting
SIH Plus mobile app is now employing latest technologies implemented in smartphones.
The result is a more accurate step counting and longer battery life.
Apple and Android Smart Watches
If you wear an Apple or Android smart watch, from now on you will not miss a step.
The SIH app now integrates with both watches.
So we will count your steps even if you don’t carry your phone. More info at
FitBit users are now welcome!
SIH Mobile app now integrates with FitBit cloud services. So, FitBit users can now enjoy all the benefits offered in Step into Health program like calories tracking and weight loss planning, but still use FitBit for other functions like step counting and heart monitoring.
For security and confidentiality purposes, it is worth noting that we don’t keep your FitBit login details in SIH systems.
If you uninstall the SIH APP, we will not remember your FitBit login.
If you decided to upgrade your phone and installed SIH app on the new phone you will need to enter your FitBit details again.
Set up your FitBit on SIH mobile app. Read more at
Better Social Interaction
Our Mobile App will upload the step count every 4 hours.
You also have the choice to upload the steps on-demand from the settings menu. So you can now compete with/challenge your "buddies" and you can see each other's performance during the day on the app dashboard.
More Motivational Tools
We now assess your performance in three different ways:
  1. Loyalty medals
  2. Walking Levels
  3. Walking badges
More info at:
Even More Content and Features
Not sure where to walk? The app now shows the nearest SIH is recommended walking route. Just browse to the “Recommended Locations” screen, the list will show the distance to each of these locations.
You get more from within the app now. We have a dedicated section for Namat Magazine from within the app.
You can now log local food from a collection of over 8000 dishes, including a category for GCC cuisine.
Step into Health Campaigns 2016-2017
Step into Health – "in the workplace"
"Step into Health – in the workplace" is an important initiative of our community-based program in Qatar.
This initiative aims to encourage employees to choose walking as an easy option to meet the physical activity guidelines.
To be part of the program as organization please contact us: or by phone on 44136900
Step into Health – "in the campuses"
4th year walking intervention, new season 2016 - 2017, launched!
Universities stakeholders joined a meeting on October 10, 2016 at Aspetar and agreed to continue their participation in this health initiative targeting the students and staff of their community. Step into health team will proceed with the implementation accordingly, the 6 months walking competitions to start on November 13, 2016 – April 27, 2017
Video of the month

Let's Make our Day Harder



Congratulations to our Five Active Walkers for this month. Walk 10,000 steps a day and upload your steps to be in the draw next month. If you have any trouble uploading your steps do not hesitate to contact us on +974 - 44136900 we are available every day (except Friday) from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

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