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What is step into health?

Step into health is a dynamic program initiated by Aspire Zone Foundation, and under the supervision and management of Exercise is Medicine Department in Aspetar. The program promotes the concept of holistic health change to engage the people of Qatar in a self-managed lifelong program based on a moderate amount of daily physical activity, encouraging each person to walk 10,000 steps and more a day in a non-competitive, recreational and social approach.   

It is a multi- interventions program using tools, which set targets for physical activity and nutrition and can help individuals monitor their performance linked to an online program.

The trick to healthy living is making changes in your lifestyle to become fitter and healthier.

Program Objectives?

To become a fitter and healthier nation


  • To improve physical activity among the population of Qatar
  • To increase number of organizations adopting physical activity programs.
  • To create and enhance access to places where people can be physically active
  • To fight rising obesity, diabetes and heart diseases

Who is this program for?

step into health is designed for men, women and teenagers above 16. This program is a perfect option all even  those who do not exercise or walk on a regular basis


Any where! At home, workplace, beach, gym, mall, parks and of course Aspire Zone facilities. Aspire Zone has walking and running trails, indoor venues, and can provide special access to buildings for novelty events.

Additionally, throughout the program, Aspire Zone will host a several entertainment and enjoyable activities for everyone

Benefits and Features:

step into health program helps you becoming a healthier, happier and more active person.

In addition, the program offers the following features:


Step counter

This will monitor and count your daily steps which is linked to your profile.   Smartphone application  or use our free pedometer (according to availability) to track your steps.           


Additional Features:

Activity: Log, monitor and track Sport / Activities with calorie burning recommendation.

Food: Log, monitor and track Food with calorie intake recommendation.

Body Weight: Log, monitor, set target and track Body Weight with calorie intake recommendation.

Sleep: Log, monitor and track Sleep with duration recommendation.

Water: Log, monitor and track Water with consumption recommendation.

Social Mobile: Search buddies, view profile, view clubs, receive notification.

Social Website: Search buddies, view profile, view clubs, receive notification, create clubs, invite member, message buddies \ clubs

Additional Benefits:

  • Use the designated steps-calculated routes in various malls and parks to know the number of steps you can walk.

  •  Personalized interactive website to monitor your progress.

  •  Free online assistance and support.

  •  We will be offering some incentives and rewards for fun challenges… so stay tuned!

  • On our website you can find information on upcoming events and activities related to the program, as well as useful health tips. Our website gives you the opportunity to connect with your friends and challenge each other!


You can register online at www.stepintohealth.qa or install the application on your mobile phone and register from there.

Aspire Zone will provide free online assistance and support for analyzing your results and answering any questions you may have. So, log your daily totals online and get feedback on your progress. Be assured, all information you log to track your progress is kept confidential.

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Contact Info:

For further information or inquiries please visit www.stepintohealth.qa

Or contact us through our hotline: 44136900 


* Youcan also benefit from our new healthy lifestyle platform ‘namat, for healthy life’ www.namat.qa that provide health content relating to physical activity and about healthy eating

About Step Into Health

This program comes within Aspire Zone Foundation support to the Qatar National Vision 2030 that encourages the society to become a more active and a healthier nation

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